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Hotsales CRM is a lightweight and intuitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that allows you to nurture more opportunities through the sales process from any web-enabled device

Hotsales CRM allows you to analyse information about sales history and sales pipeline projection

For Any Device
All Encompassing
Responsive CRM


Hotsales CRM is for a range of people and organisations who want to nurture their potential and existing customers and who want to continue to develop opportunities for them...

Sales People

Build and develop your sales pipeline
and maintain a sales history

Customer Service

Keep a communication history
and set tasks for future interactions

Relationship Managers

Keep track of where you
are with your customerbase


Hotsales CRM is priced per user per month, see pricing and is a well rounded solution that allows complete visibility...

Hotsales CRM assists with the success of your customers growth! Simply sign up for your 14 day free trial... It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1) Sign up and invite your colleagues 2) Set your settings 3) Have complete access to simple CRM!

Why to choose us

Sign up here for only AU$19.00 per user per month with no contract, no minimum or maximum number of users, just a straight forward one price per user per month. You also get the first 14 days free... Yes... absolutely free!

The first user to sign up will receive an e-mail. Once you receive it you can simply click on the link to log in and invite your colleagues from the Users Menu... They will receive their invitation from your Hotsales CRM account..

Simply go throught the Settings to tailor your pipeline stages to suit your needs...

You can also import your existing Accounts and Contacts directly into Hotsales CRM using our downloadable template to save you typing!!

Build up your accounts and contacts, build and develop your sales pipeline, manage your opportunities and keep a history of communications with contacts about opportunities. Access pipeline projections and historic sales info.

Build Instant Campaigns to multiple e-mail recipients and attach documents in one go with Hotsales CRM tailored e-mail builder that connects through googlemail.

Data is stored in Australia and Hotsales CRM is accessable from any web-enabled device.


All of these features are available for one simple price per user per month.

See the value and status of each stage of your pipleline as soon as you log on.

Build up companies and the people you speak to as you meet them and gain easy access to the information you hold about them and their opportunities.

Full set of historic sales information about the most popular products sold, who's bought them and how much they have been spending..

View projections for the next twelve months.

Set up e-mail campaigns and send newsletters to multipe contacts.

Set up activities for your colleagues and assign them to their calendar.

Create, develop and track opportunities through the pipeline and once the sale has been made, build up a sales history for the customer.

Build a history or who, what and how communications with contacts were made.

Hotsales CRM offers the ability to attach documents to accounts and to send attachments with Instant Campaigns.

The first 5GB of document storage is included, for free. There is also the option to add more in the future if needed.

Import Accounts, Contacts, Product Groups, Products and Industries from a spreadsheet.

Your data is stored in Australia.

Hotslaes CRM is accessable in the office, on the move, at home and from any device that has an internet browser and internet connection so you can be on top of your sales calls at any time.

Hotsales CRM is a progressive product with new features with real advantages and benefits being added all the time. We value your feedback, so if this hits the spot with you but there is just something missing, we want to know about it.

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Per User Per Month

  • Responsive CRM
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  • No credit card needed for trial
  • 5GB of document storage - Included